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Market-orientation: websites for consumers

We are happy to work together with you in partnership. Your requirements and your customers’ needs are central to this. Based on our knowledge and experience, we will think along with you about appropriate commercial concepts and logistics solutions.

We will also make regular proactive marketing suggestions in response to consumer trends and market developments.


To support the sale of our products to your customers, we have developed consumer labels for our products; attractive concepts that we actively promote through consumer websites and social media. You and your customers can of course, have free access to all of this information and to our inspiration images.

Dieffenbachia Purify

One big piece of nature. In all shades of green. With beautifully shaped leaves in crazy prints. The Dieffenbachia is an attractive, robust asset for every interior. 
But this cool plant is much more than just an eyecatcher.


Green hanging plants are trendy, hot & happening. We respond to this trend with a wide and special range of plants available with the brand name Hang on Green:

Dieffenbachia Natural Gift

As part of the Natural Gift concept, we grow three decorative varieties of dieffenbachia – beautiful tropical plants with aamazing patterns of the bright green leaves. Create your own jungle at home and feel the nature around you.


The Ludisia is a unique orchid that produces beautiful white flowers with yellow hearts. These plants are delivered with flowers still in the bud. For the Lusidia, also called an earth orchid, we developed the brand Earth Orchid: