Our story

Anyone mentioning Elstgeest Pot plants is referring to a sustainable company that produces market-oriented products and leads the industry. We ensure that our plant concepts respond to the latest green, living and lifestyle trends. The range of green, air-purifying plants that we use for this purpose is broad and in-depth and consists of Dieffenbachia, hanging plants, Trifolium (clover) and Ludisia (earth orchids). These are all special plants that we produce on a large scale, all year round and as the only company in the market; in our own unique Elstgeest way, and for 75 years now.

Modern production process and high quality

Our greenhouses and processing rooms are modern and optimally equipped for the production and processing of high-quality plants. We collaborate well as a permanent cooperative team and produce 1.5 million pot plants every year. During our tightly organised cultivation processes, we closely monitor the quality of each plant. In the course of our processing and delivery process, we always find room to be flexible in responding to your wishes. Your request is always our priority. We enjoy our work with an eye for detail and with great commitment to achieve this.

Central location, fast deliveries

We are located in Nieuwe Wetering, next to the A4 and no more than a 40 km driving distance from the auction rooms at Aalsmeer, Rijnsburg and Naaldwijk.

Market-orientation: websites for consumers

Whoever touches a consumer’s heart, will sell. Of that, we are convinced. That’s why we have developed consumer labels for our products; appealing concepts that we actively promote through consumer websites and social media. There is also a lot to see and experience for your customers here on location. As a trader/exporter, you can have free access to this information and to our inspiration images. You can of course, also find our range on Floriday, the independent platform that brings together the growers’ flowers and plants on offer.


We work with a sound business sense and with a big heart for the world around us. Our production and processing processes are certified to meet current sustainability and environmental requirements. We filter and recycle our cultivation water and use as many organic plant protection products as possible.

Our Certificates


We meet the global criteria for safety, sustainability and quality. With this certificate, we also meet the MPS-GAP.


We know how to minimise our environmental impact at our production location.


this certificate reflects that we are transparent in our use of substances and that we register these at MPS-ProductProof within 24 hours of use. The certification authority takes leaf samples from our plants several times a year to check that our registrations are correct. Regular customers can follow us online in the MPS-ProductProof’s systems by using their own login code.

MPS-Socially Qualified

We meet all (inter)national standards related to safe, social and healthy work practices.


We meet all English standards related to safe, social and healthy work practices.

MPS volgjebloemofplant.nl

On this website, after entering our MPS-number 680506, you will be able to see all of our MPS-certificates listed together.

Recognised training facility

We are a formally recognised training facility and we thoroughly enjoy teaching mbo-students in our business.